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A recommended and reviewed selection of text books and workbooks to improve your English writing skills.

An Exceptional, Practical Book

This outstanding resource, designed for our 21st century English language learners and ESL teachers, fills a critical gap. Providing practical exercises that explain 94 confusing idioms that fill news articles from the BBC, VOA, and CNN, this text helps Japanese ESL students become better news customers, critical readers, and world citizens. As an English teacher who works with international students develop their writing skills, I found these exercises exceptional.

Excellent primer for writing instructors - and international graduate students,

How do international students develop the appropriate vocabulary, register, and practice for writing their research projects in English? What reading and writing strategies and techniques do ESL students need to master to successfully write summaries, create annotated bibliographies, and convey their ideas to their academic peers and professors?

In Focus: Strategies for Academic Writers

Do you teach academic writing? Do you teach writing in an ESL classroom?

Writing Academic English, Fourth Edition

provides practical techniques for students planning to attend community college or university. I think the latest version is the fourth. I've used it in several programs with considerable success.


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