Business English

Teaching Business English is slow to turn professional

Lack of qualifications and a recognised trade body trap practitioners in low-status and pay cycle

    The debate surrounding professionalisation of the ELT industry has recently been reignited on the business English teaching community's discussion forums. The questions that are firing online exchanges are: should there be more accredited qualifications for business English teachers? and would the community benefit from a professional association to raise standards and enable teachers to command higher and fairer rates of pay?    Continue >>

Business English Classic that Works

This business communication classic works, especially for ESL students. The concise entries explain topics, provide model documents in impressive manner. Skip the fancy 9th edition with orange highlighted text. Buy this one!"

Solid Vocational English Textbook

Although focused on blue collar situations, this simple, communicative textbook can provide a safety net. Weaker Business English students will find the format comfortable. Consider this popular VESL textbook a refresher text for workplace conversations."

Is there a Standard English?

Is there a standard English? This book argues no - nor should there be. The enclosed CD showcases a wide diversity of voices and accents tell stories in .... English? Or is it Englishes? Communication breaks down.
Yet this book also documents how international English speakers can do work together in imperfect English!

Preparing for TOEIC? Words Matter

Do you just want to memorize the most important vocabulary words? If so, this book might meet your desires, if not your needs.

Turns TOEIC Preparation into a satisfying exploration of our 21st century business culture!

Designed to help end the tyranny of standardized tests while preparing international students to dramatically improve their TOEIC scores, this multi-skill textbook provides compelling readings and practical tips. The authors introduce each chapter with illuminating photographs to provoke discussion. The listening statements describing each picture also exposes students to a wider range of realistic descriptions. This segment stands out compared to the usual "drill and kill" TOEIC test preparation books.

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