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What should every ESL student know? Beats me. One size fits all philosophies often seem a bit strange to me. Can anybody really answer this question for every international student and ESL college student? Really? Don't circumstances, needs, and desires differ? On the other hand, administrators, teachers, future college students, and current international ESL students constantly face this common question. What should every ESL student know? Fortunately, braver and more confident souls feel comfortable answering this reasonable question.

Disclosure provides quality resources we consider useful to English Teachers and English Language Learners. We're pleased to help ESL students and teachers navigate through the maze of possible books for their classrooms. We do have a business relationship with the websites and products linked to from this site. No comments, however, on this site should be interpreted as a warranty or guarantee. Learning any language is a wonderful opportunity to better oneself, it takes good resources, training and a great deal of effort.

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