Turns TOEIC Preparation into a satisfying exploration of our 21st century business culture!

Image of Target Score Student's Book with 2 Audio CDs and Test Booklet with Audio CD: A Preparation Course for the TOEIC Test
Author: Graham Tullis, Charles Talcott
Publisher: Cambridge University Press (2006)
Binding: Paperback, 176 pages

Designed to help end the tyranny of standardized tests while preparing international students to dramatically improve their TOEIC scores, this multi-skill textbook provides compelling readings and practical tips. The authors introduce each chapter with illuminating photographs to provoke discussion. The listening statements describing each picture also exposes students to a wider range of realistic descriptions. This segment stands out compared to the usual "drill and kill" TOEIC test preparation books. Of course, this specialized textbook covers each type of question on the traditional TOEIC test, including short and focused grammar exercises embedded in realistic readings for business professionals and magazine readers. A fine example of why I like the book can be found on p.49 (The Jelly Belly Factory Tour) which combines a quick look at an unusual industry with verb tense review. Other grammar checks cover reporting verbs (p.103) and transition words expressing contrast (p.116) which often confuse English students . Teachers in many intermediate and advanced ESL classrooms will appreciate these self-contained, one page exercises. Finally, Target Score engages students with concise, clear articles summarizing trends in our emerging 21st global business culture. Readers learn about effective work spaces, contemporar cultures of communication, exotic trips for eco-tourists, and the hidden cost of virtual world crimes for software companies. Again, these one page readings - which resemble Time Magazine or USA Today feature articles - introduce common TOEIC vocabulary words in context. Consequently, Target Score readers should both improve their TOEIC scores and improve their real-world communication skills in English. Many teachers, and students, will want to supplement this book with a traditional TOEIC test preparation book. I understand their desire, and taking practice TOEIC tests remains a vital technique to prepare for the TOEIC test. The strength and originality of Target Score, however, rests on a deeper insight: the real goal for internation students should be to both achieve an excellent TOEIC score and become effective, worldly communicators in English! Target Score meets the practical and longterm goals of ambitious individuals facing the TOEIC test. Finally, Target Score gives ESL/EFL instructors the ability to transform a dry, dreary test preparation course into a meaningful, satisfying class. What more can you ask for in a test preparation textbook?


I'm impressed! You've managed

I'm impressed! You've managed the almost impossilbe.

This esl-book.com is awsome.

This esl-book.com is awsome. Keep posting buddy!

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