Advanced ESL

A recommended and reviewed selection of advanced ESL text books and workbooks.

Creative, Flexible Ready-to-use Speaking Exercises

What a delight! This conversation book gets ESL students talking. Each chapter poses 25 or so questions and shares a dozen fun quotes. Lots of great conversations starters like "How do you win the game of life?" Superb resource for "multi-level" Intermediate and Advanced classes. An abundance of material that can be used both in and out of the classroom.

Clear, practical, and affordable

What should every ESL student know? Beats me. One size fits all philosophies often seem a bit strange to me. Can anybody really answer this question for every international student and ESL college student? Really? Don't circumstances, needs, and desires differ? On the other hand, administrators, teachers, future college students, and current international ESL students constantly face this common question. What should every ESL student know? Fortunately, braver and more confident souls feel comfortable answering this reasonable question.

How to Learn English

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  • Learn how to keep your motivation in English and learn with passion all of the time!
  • Learn how to organize yourself and reach your goals in English.
  • Know the 7 biggest mistakes people make when learning English… and what you can do to avoid them.

The American Accent Audio Course

The American Accent Audio Course

The American Accent Course Is A 16 Hour Audio Program That Helps Non-native (esl) English Speakers Lose Their Foreign Accent.

American Pronunciation Course

The American Pronunciation Course

This 15 Week Online American Pronunciation Course Is Designed For People Who Have Learned English As A Teenager Or Adult And Would Like To Improve Their Pronunciation. Ideal For International Professionals And More Advanced ESL Students.

Improve English Listening

Click here to purchase product: English Listening

Why do you want to be more confident listening to English?

A Powerful, Practical Pronunciation Book for Self-Study

Are you sometimes misunderstood by your American co-workers or customers - even though you have lived in the United Staes for years? Do you sometimes mispronounce words causing needless confusion and sometimes stress? Do you give professional presentations and want the native English speaking audience to clearly understand your words and ideas? Have you been looking for an excellent self-study guide to improve your American English pronunciation?

Excellent primer for writing instructors - and international graduate students,

How do international students develop the appropriate vocabulary, register, and practice for writing their research projects in English? What reading and writing strategies and techniques do ESL students need to master to successfully write summaries, create annotated bibliographies, and convey their ideas to their academic peers and professors?

In Focus: Strategies for Academic Writers

Do you teach academic writing? Do you teach writing in an ESL classroom?

Writing Academic English, Fourth Edition

provides practical techniques for students planning to attend community college or university. I think the latest version is the fourth. I've used it in several programs with considerable success.

Disclosure provides quality resources we consider useful to English Teachers and English Language Learners. We're pleased to help ESL students and teachers navigate through the maze of possible books for their classrooms. We do have a business relationship with the websites and products linked to from this site. No comments, however, on this site should be interpreted as a warranty or guarantee. Learning any language is a wonderful opportunity to better oneself, it takes good resources, training and a great deal of effort.

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